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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Little Something for the Guyyyyyssss

Oh, you may wonder why
I seem nervous and ashamed
And why I have a ruptured spleen
And you may wonder why
There's a big black ring around my eye

I've been seeing another woman, and she's mean
But I love that woman
With the crazy eyes
I love the cute way she throws a shoe
I love the way she chases me around with that big knife

My little angel,
I love...hormonal you
Hormonal you
Hormonal you

My little angel can pick a fight over a box of Capt Crunch
She can make Ghandi throw the first punch
But I still love, hormonal you

"I'm going to hit you!"
She has a way with words
Most of which you can't say on the radio
But she's "not feeling well"
She's distraught, and cranky, and irratable, and paranoid and delusional.

She doesn't know what's wrong!!
But she knows it's my fault!

Hormonal you
Hormonal you

Why don't you have a nice glass of wine
Ok, better make it two
It's perfectly natural, my little angel
To cry about shampoo
Oh, darling I love, hormonal you

Having a converstaion with her
is like playing a game of chess
Usually it's best not to speak at all
She just wants to hear those three little words
"Darling, you're right"
Just give her your wallet and send her to the mall

Hormonal you
Hormonal you

She's the other woman right there in the mirror
Don't worry, it's not physical
She won't let me near her
But I still love, hormonal you

.....;)...... :-P

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