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Monday, June 29, 2009

Weird Times

Is it a full moon or what?? ...and how long do they last anyway...

Honestly, besides all of the deaths this past week, there have also been some odd stories in the news lately of ridiculous things. Here are just a few:


The Associated Press reports in Colorado Springs, a nurse says a heart surgeon tossed bloody human tissue at her during an operation, then the hospital demoted her after she complained. (Whaaat??)

Sonja Morris is suing Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs. In papers filed Friday, Morris claims that Dr. Bryan Mahan tossed a piece of human heart tissue at her during a 2008 open-heart surgery. Morris said the 4-by-6 inch piece of protective heart tissue hit her on the leg and that Mahan joked about throwing it. (OMG! Wouldn't want that guy for my surgeon...)

Morris says she was demoted off a heart surgery team after complaining about the tissue incident and other harassment. The lawsuit names only the hospital, not the surgeon. (Sounds like a really UNbrilliant move there). A Memorial Hospital spokeswoman declined to comment on the lawsuit.

In Clackamas, Oregon, a man upset at the way McDonald's employees handled his order, was charged after allegedly calling 911 repeatedly on Friday to report the restaurant had robbed him, authorities said.

Jeremy Martin, 23, (doesn't he remind you of Bloo?) was charged with improper use of the 911 service and spent a night in jail over the incident.

The man said he paid $10 in the drive thru but only received a single burger and a fry before he was told to pull around. The dispatcher told him, "Sir, this is not a police matter, you need to take it up with the manager of the McDonald's."

But a person who identified himself as Martin called back demanding they send an officer to the scene and threatening to sue. This went on, and he was finally told by the dispatcher, "If you continue calling 911, you will be arrested for misuse." He responded, "Well, arrest me at (expletive) 82nd and Sunnyside Road..."

Eventually, an officer arrived after a person who identified himself as Martin called 911 again (He called AGAIN!!). Also, a McDonald's employee called 911 to report that three men were screaming at her and trying to fight.

On Saturday, Martin told KATU he stood by his ations. He said, "I was very upset that they tried to charge me for food I had already paid for. For me to end up going to jail over a $10 order, that's just ridiculous." (pea-brain)


In Warren, Ohio, police released a video of a woman who was interrogated by officers with a baby squirrel in her shirt. (WTF??) She was taken into the station to be questioned about a crime.

(here's the link for the video. I've tried, but I'm still link challenged)http://www.newsnet5.com/news/19886368/detail.html#/

The detective sat amazed as the woman continued the conversation while tucking the squirrel into her cleavage. Police let the woman and her animal friend go.


Much to Casey Whittington's pleasure, the case of a missing canoe may soon be coming to a close.
A man claiming to have taken a 14-year-old Whittington's canoe a few weeks ago placed a call to Whittington's home Tuesday. The man, only identified as Chris, said he learned about Casey's disappointment in the theft through a story that recounted the boy's tale in Sunday's Record Searchlight.

But the man isn't giving up that easy. It seems he's taken the boat hostage.

Chris told the boy and his mother, Susan Snow, that in exchange for a 30-pack of beer, he is more than willing to give back the canoe, red paddle included. But it seems like a pretty quirky setup. The time, date, and place (probably a gas station) will be disclosed to the family when Chris calls in the next couple of days.

As part of the arrangement, Whittington and his mother were told not to contact the police. He had just recently taken to fixing the canoe and placed it near a boat launch on Lake Shasta a few weeks ago, watching it float for the first time. He returned the next day ready to take it out on the water and it was gone.... Unbelievable

...Maybe the aliens have landed and we just haven't figured it out yet (music from Twilight Zone)... I'm Just Sayin...


Larew said...

Not to worry... it probably won't be long before these folks will all show up again in the news... on the Darwin Awards! We can only hope!

Winky Twinky said...

Hmmmm...well, there's a thought!

Nooter said...

fucktard surgeon:
food fight!

c'mon man, any burgers a good burger

maybe the squirrel was hungry...

plain weird:
the beer should be placed in unmarked cans and left in the park at noon, or the canoe gets it!

Winky Twinky said...

Nooter: I just love your doggety sense of humor!!

moooooog35 said...

Squirrel in your tits...ferret in your pants...I don't see what the big deal is.

Winky Twinky said...

Moooooog: This guy's pic reminded me of your "Bloo." If I weren't so damned link-challenged, I would have said that and linked it...

Winky Twinky said...

Hey Moooooog: I finally figured out the link thing (duh)...so I went back and added that... ;)

Organic Meatbag said...

Wow, hadn't heard the one about the surgeon... let's just play hacky sack with somebody's liver while we're at it, eh doc? What an asswipe!

Winky Twinky said...

I know...very professional...

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