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Sunday, March 15, 2009

AGAIN With the Cam Scams

AGAIN!!! with this shit!!

Motorists complain they are being wrongly accused. King says," I think they need to go away. I just think they are unfair. They need to go away."Fox 5 camera's stood at one intersection near 85th Avenue and caught the camera popping off like popcorn. 75 dollar citations. One motorist shared his ticket. He got cited in his white van, but a closer look at the ticket shows the vehicle is at a complete stop. Complaints are pouring in.AAA Mid-Atlantic's John Townsend says it appears drivers are getting ticketed; not for running the red light, but for stopping over the white line.

Townsend blasted the camera saying, "This is the most egregious one we've seen. It is so beyond the pale. It not only violated the spirit of the law it violates the letter of the law. It may be illegal in the state of Maryland. "During a short period, the camera flashs continually went off when cars were at a complete stop. We asked one motorist, "Did you go past the red light." The unidentified driver said, "no I didn't, I'm still stopped here at the red light. If I went thru then you wouldn't be talking to me know. The camera went off. So am I going to get a ticket? Oh no."

Townsend said, "These people legally stopped for a red light, but they ventured into this box and they consider that technically to be red light running and it's not. It smacks of I got you; a game just for money"As the camera snapped another picture, we asked another motorist, "Do you realize you just got a red light ticket. The unidentified woman said, "You've got to be kidding. You are kidding. Did you pass the red light? No!"Some say it's not just a camera, but a cash cow--snapping up photos of unsuspecting motorist. Townsend said many motorists don't even contest the tickets, in fact one woman confirmed that saying; "if I got it I wouldn't fight it no. If the camera is set to do it that way I just have to pay the ticket.

Townsend admits he's one of those recently ticketed, but he fought it. Fox 5 made an effort to talk with the New Carrollton Police Department and the city about the issue. The chief said he'll answer questions during office hours. Triple A says they've received numerous complaints from several cities using the mobile red light cameras along the Route 450 corridor; including Bladensburg and Riverdale. (myfoxdc.com)

WHAT? Can't trust "government," on ANY level...to be thinking in OUR best interest? The hell you say!!!!!! The sooner we learn this lesson, the better off we'll be....It's AALLLLLL about money in their pockets......... I'm Just Sayin......

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