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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Toledo Red Light Scams -- uh Cams

In my never to be humbled opinion:

They say safety, but it's all about the REVENUE!!

In Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio.....red light cameras are already a trap in action. Not only are the all wise lawmakers going to add 22 additional red light cameras, they are also going to raise the cost per ticket from $95 to $120. In addition, they will be adding speed cams to some of the same places where existing red light cams are located.

The city has taken in roughly $600,000 in revenues from the already existing cams. Okay, maybe a little help for the sagging community, right? WRONG! Lawmakers thought they would take in more revenue than $600,000, so they added 2.5 million to the budget because they thought the revenue from the cams would cover it. Now there's a 1.9 million dollar shortfall on the money they thought they'd get from the camera revenues...tell me, who pays for this little ERROR in judgement? Hmmmm? The taxpayer of course!

So let's get this straight...the all wise lawmakers voted an additional 2.5 million dollars into the budget (which is already in a declining situation)....based on the HOPE, the SPECULATION that MAYBE so many drivers will break the law, they can fund the budget with it........ niiiiiice

They're planning to do a study of where to put the additioal 22 cams (and how much will THIS cost?) They say it's for safety purposes (yeah, right). Hey, wait a minute......shouldn't they ALREADY have these statistics? So why do they need to spend time and money on another study? Could it be to find the locations that would bring in the most REVENUE!!??

How stupid do they think we are? What a wonderful way to boost the local economy!!! NOT!!!

....Ok, I'm just sayin.........

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