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Saturday, March 14, 2009

WTF do they come from???

Yes.......they dwell among us. In the local news, an Ohio woman who was pulled over for breast feeding her infant while driving..... AND talking on the phone all at the same time.... en route to dropping her other children off at school!!

She actually told the news that if she had to, (had to!???!) she would do it again!!!

OMG... This is not just a matter of personal freedoms being eaten away at for the purpose of local government's overreach for funds......like a driver's option to wear a seat belt....... This is a woman....NO, a mother!!! who is putting her children at high risk through infinite stupidity!!

First, the infant not only is NOT in the appropriate car seat, but held IN FRONT of the mother in a moving vehicle!!! The phone is yet another distraction in her obtuse assessment of the situation....but she is not only putting other drivers, herself, and her infant in high risk danger, but also the other children she is transporting!! Last I heard, she is facing 180 days in lock up because of the incident....BUT, remember, she said she would do it again!!!

Excuse me....did I say obtuse? Let me rephrase that!! -- brainless, dense, doltish, dopey, dorky, dull, dumb, fatuous, half-witted, mindless, oafish, senseless, simple, slow, thick, thickheaded, unintelligent, vacuous, weak-minded, witless (breathe) feebleminded, retarded, simpleminded; foolish, idiotic, imbecile, imbecilic, moronic; ignorant, illiterate, lowbrow, uneducated, uninformed, untaught, unthinking; absurd, asinine, balmy, cockeyed, crazy, cuckoo, daffy, daft, dotty, harebrained, insane, kooky, loony, lunatic, mad, nonsensical, nutty, preposterous, sappy, screwball, silly, unwise, wacky, zany; fallacious, illogical, invalid, irrational, unreasonable.....(sigh)...

..........geez, I'm Just Sayin.......

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